Marcraft has been producing electronics, computer, IT and mobile electronics training programs that excel in the classroom environment. We engineer and design the lab hardware, software and courseware materials for use in career and technical education schools around the globe.
Every Marcraft Program Features:

For the Student

Providing just a textbook to teach different skills is an incomplete approach. Learning should be both mental and physical, that's why our programs consist of a book for both theory and hands-on procedures using real equipment and software students will encounter in the field. All books are fully illustrated and authored by people with experience.

For the Instructor

Marcraft's turnkey programs come with enough resources to teach the program successfully. We provide everything needed to begin teaching. Our Instructor packages come with extra lecture materials like Powepoint presentations. Technical support and text updates are also available, see our support page here.

For the Employer

Developed with real, off-the-shelf equipment and software, our programs provide students with a real training experience. We want to prepare prospective employees with the knowledge and skills identified by industry certification authorities. Preparing students to obtain these certifications is our highest priority.
Best in Class Theory Curriculum (Printed and Online)
Extensive Hands-on Lab Activities
Comprehensive Certification Test Preparation
Complete Instructor Support Package and Training
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