The Marcraft Sustainable Conservation Course covers these topics and more:
The GT-2500 Sustainable Conservation Technology Panel provides students an introductory hands-on interactive experience with multiple energy design, monitoring and auditing processes and technologies
Energy Auditing
Measure electrical consumption of devices and electrical loads
Measure lighting loads and implement power saving options
Evaluate insulation values of different common insulation materials

Environmental Monitoring
Use a portable datalogger to gather environmental data
Evaluate the insulating qualities of soil and water
Employ a humidity sensor to record humidity levels
Chart temperature changes in various areas of a structure with different insulation/heating conditions

Sustainable Architecture
Determine structural components of buildings affect on energy consumption
Use Computer Aided Drafting & Design software to plan sustainable residential & commercial structures
Use heating/cooling techniques associated with solar lighting and window placement

Green Structure Design
Design and create a residential structure using green technology and applying LEEDS standards
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