Alarm System Mechanics
• History & evolution of electronic alarm systems
• Basic annunciation configurations
• Alarm electronic systems

Alarm System Types
• Control stations and certificate services
• Testing of electronic alarm system circuits
• Creating and development of first central station
• EMI and RFI electrical interference on protective circuits

Signal Processing Units
• Sensors and input devices
• Control panels
• Keypad and remote programming
• Glass protection, motion detection and shock sensing
• Power supplies and power backup
• Touch screen, computers and telephone as input devices
Fire Alarms
• Fire alarms basics and fundamentals
• Residential and commercial installations
• Wireless and electrical monitoring supervision
• Wired and wireless alarm systems
• Fire, heat and smoke detection devices

Computer Interfacing
• Video surveillance and recording
• Internet access to security and surveillance systems
• Security cameras
• Network digital video recorders
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