Electronics/Computer Technicians
Customer Service Representative
Help Desk
Prepare, Train and Certify students and employees to be recognized as world class Customer Service Professionals
• Independent Contract Status
• Record Keeping - Documentation
• Employee Job Description/ Career Plans/ Evaluation
• Professionalism and Ethics
• Teams and Teamwork
• Pride and Company Loyalty
• Resolving Customer-Coworker Problems
• Customer Service Quality and Techniques
• Association Membership and Certification
• Listening and Activating a Listener
• Encouraging Customer Feedback
• Objectives of World Class Service
• Product/Service - Business and Consumer Relationships
• Pro-Profit Employees
• Business Leadership
• A Worker's Legal Responsibilities
• Techno-literacy and the successful Employee
• Employment Rules - Building Trust
• Phone, Fax and Email Etiquette
• Interpersonal Relationships-Dealing with Difficult People
• Emotions/Stress/Change Management
• Safety/Environment/Health
Approved by:
The National Coaliton for Electronics Education (NCEE) has approved the course outline and skills standards for CSS training and certification.
The Certified Service Center Consortium (CSC) provides financial incentives to qualified businesses employing Customer Service Specialists.
Prepare for these certifications:
The Electronics Technicians Associaton (ETA) Customer Service Specialist (CSS) Certification
Professional Service Association (PSA) Certified Consumer Specialist Certification
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