The Automotive Electronics Installer Course introduces students to the exciting field of automotive electronics!
The Marcraft Automotive Electronics Course provides the foundation knowledge to prepare students to successfully obtain the ASE Automotive/Light Truck Electircal & Electronics Certification (A6).

The Marcraft Automotive Electronics Text/Lab Guide is designed in conjunction with the revolutionary dashboard trainer offered exclusively by Marcraft. The full-size tabletop trainer provides a visual and hands on learning experience unlike any other.
Theory to Reality - The Mobile Electronics Trainer
The Automotive Electronics Theory Text and Lab Guide explores the following critical learning components:
• Late Model Vehicle Construction Philosophy
• Fundamentals of Multimeter Use
• Tools and Shop Safety
• Introduction to Mobile Electronic Equipment
• Audio Component Interconnection
• Component Installation Techniques
• An Introduction to the Sound Wave; Acoustic Principles
• Introduction to Acoustical Principles
• Introduction to Automotive Charging and Electrical Systems
• Audio system noise principles
• Introduction to relay theory
• Security System Architecture
• Vehicle Systems Interconnection
• Aftermarket Security System Interconnection
• Mobile Electronic Systems Design Philosophies
• Charging and Electrical System Upgrades
• Introduction to Crossover Fundamentals
• Introduction to Low Frequency Systems
• Introduction to Navigation Systems
• Introduction to Mobile Video Systems
• Introduction to Remote Control Starters
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